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Veterinary Compounding

This month, Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists held their annual symposium to allow the opportunity for vets to keep updated on the latest education and research. This was their biggest event ever with 250 vets in attendance, and Uptown was there to present our latest advances in veterinary compounding. In addition to some great food and fun, it gave us the opportunity to become integrated into the community and meet the veterinarians face-to-face. We enjoyed talking to all of them!

One of the veterinary compounds we featured is a treatment for dogs with Addison’s disease. Addison’s disease is the common name for hypoadrenocorticism, or adrenal insufficiency, and is a life-long disease that can be managed with the medication called fludrocortisone. The treatment can become costly and a hardship, since many dogs can require more than 10 times the commercially available dose. One of the ways to cut down on number of pills given, as well as the cost, is to have the medication compounded into one pill that has the correct dose. That’s ONE PILL A DAY—instead of TEN!! We can also create a liquid or chew to your vets dosing specifications. This is a much simpler and more cost- effective way to provide your dog with a better quality of life.

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