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Physician Spotlight: Barbara D. Marino, MD of MEDSPA

Dr. Barbara Marino OF MEDSPA 21 (located here in our neighborhood) is a specialist in her field of women’s health. She specializes in cosmetic and aesthetic surgery and procedures, wellness, weight loss, and has a special passion for women’s health care. Dr. Marino has always been a forerunner in new technology. She is a board certified surgeon who specializes in fat transfers, fat storage and the use of stem cells, commonly referred to as Regenerative Medicine. She helps to provide a complete approach to safe and effective body sculpting with weight management, hormonal evaluation, nutrition and nutritional supplement options.

One of the newest and exciting services is called ThermiVa, a vaginal rejuvenation treatment, performed 3 times every 4-6 weeks, designed to help restore the anatomy to a more youthful state. These 15 minute non-surgical treatments will reduce the labia size by 30-50% and the vagina will be tighter and more sensitive. Women in the pilot program also had significant relief from urine leakage. You can also find more information on the ThermiVa website at www.thermiva.com.

Dr. Marino has been awarded the “Patient’s Choice Award” for multiple years, the “Top Cosmetic Surgeon” in Houston, and “Most compassionate Physician.” She continues to be sought out by patients from all over the world. If you’d like to read more about Dr. Marino, and learn more about her services, contact her at:

Intimate Health Solutions | Phone: 281-364-6614  | intimatehealthsolutions@yahoo.com|
6363 Woodway Drive, Suite 870 Houston, TX 77057
(Located within the Allegiance Bank Building)

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